It is never easy sending your child off to college, whether it is your firstborn or the last one out of the house. As a parent, ensuring that your child has all the essentials they need for college can put your mind at ease a little bit.

Going shopping for college essentials is also a great way for you two to spend time together before they embark on their new adventure!

Here are a few of the college essential your child needs!

Wall Calendar

Sending Your Child To College – The Essentials They Need Wall Calendar

Why use a wall calendar if mum is home to remind you of everything!

Your child needs to be responsible for their own schedule and dates now, and a wall calendar will help with this. They can use the wall calendar to keep track of test dates, to figure out what day of the week it is, or even to use as an impromptu shopping list.

Mini Fridge

Sending Your Child To College – The Essentials They Need Mini Fridge

If your kid is going to be sharing a dorm room with someone else, a mini-fridge can be a great help. They can use it to store all of their favourite snacks and drinks and keep them close by for when they don’t want to get up and walk away from their study session.

Water Bottle

Sending Your Child To College – The Essentials They Need Water BottleAs a mum, you still stress whether your child has had enough water to drink, no matter if they are 2 or 22. Buy them a really cool water bottle that they can take with them everywhere. There are some great water bottles that keep water cold all day long.

Closet Organizer

Closet OrganizerDorm rooms are notoriously small, and your child will probably have quite a bit to pack away. Help them stay organized and have a place for everything by giving them a closet organizer. Don’t choose anything too big or over the top. Just a simple organizer can help them keep their things neat and tidy.

Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase BoardA dry erase board goes a long way to help with organization. They can jot down important dates, things to remember, or their next shopping list when on the go. The dry erase board can even be used for studying.


BicycleIf your child has a far way to travel between classes on campus, a bicycle might be a huge help. Get a sturdy, reliable bike that they can use for class every day, and to run errands around town.

It is also a great way to ensure that they are keeping fit and healthy. It also cuts down the costs of transport quite a bit.

Wall Decals

Wall DecalsTo make them feel more at home in their plain dorm room, pick out some wall decals together to liven up their space. You could send them off with some photos and photo frames to hang up to remind them of home.

Little paper lanterns also work great to add a homey touch to a dorm room. They offer some softness without being too big or overwhelming.

Pick up these college essentials to ensure your child is set and ready for their new adventure!

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