Stabilo Chalk Pencil


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You won’t get any smudging or chalk dust on your floor, so it’s a much cleaner alternative to regular chalk! It also is easier to handle and write with than regular chalk, and can be sharpened just like a regular pencil. How to Use: Using a Stabilo Pencil is just like using any other kind of pencil. You simply need to write on our Chalkboard Stickers or Labels to see it. How to Remove: To remove the writing from a Stabilo Pencil get a damp cloth and rub over to make it look like new. The great thing about using this wax chalk is that it won’t easily rub off like regular chalk, so there won’t be any smudging when you’re grabbing your jars from the cupboard. Individual Pencil Size: Each pencil is 18cm (7″) long x 1cm (0.4″) wide