b.tan Forever + Ever Self Tan Mousse 200ml


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You’re no stranger to a bangin’ tan but you’re looking for a longer term commitment? No one night stands here.

just an afterglow that lasts.

and lasts.

and lasts! (well up to 11 days anyways).

When there’s no such thing as too much of a good tan, you can now b.

tan forever + ever (well up to 11 days anyways).

While nothing may last forever, we’ve come pretty close with this ultra long lasting tan that lasts.

and lasts.

and lasts! Scrap your weekly tanning routine and b.

tanned longer than ever before.

In what feels like forever, you’ll soon forget your pasty past and embrace your inner & outer bronzed up babein tan.

How to use: First up get naked.

Or at least naked enough to tan your super hot bod.

Make sure your skin is clean, exfoliated and dry.

Apply mousse with your b.

tan mitt, wash your hands, wait 4-8 hours and then shower.

Repeat 2 to 3 more times as needed for a tan that lasts up to 11 days.

It’s as easy as tan, rinse, repeat Vegan friendly.

Paraben free.

No gross tan smell.

No added nasties.