Black Chicken Essential Oil Perfume #2 Epiphany 9ml


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Epiphany – awaken the moment Epiphany is unlike any perfume we’ve created.

Its scent is like a smouldering fire of warmth and spice.

It releases earthy notes, the kind you liken to the smell of a forest after it rains.

But more than this, it’s a natural perfume that will move you emotionally and energetically.

Black Pepper to awaken your senses, Oak Moss to keep you calm and grounded, Cucumber for refreshment and Petitgrain for a touch of herbaceous elegance.

It’s a wonderful, natural way to revive your mood and take you into the evening.

How to use: Shake well before use.

Apply a small amount onto pulse points which emit the most heat like your wrists, inner arms and neck for a powerful boost to well-being anytime, anywhere.