Black Chicken Remedies Skypipe Essential Oil Diffuser + Blend Collection


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Power up your own personal space with pure remedial essential oils.

Choosing the air you breathe can be life-changing There’s so much more to aromatherapy than just a sweet smell! The Skypipe? Essential Oil Diffuser can powerfully affect the wellbeing of body and mind, quickly and safely charging the air around you with minute particles of potent essential oils in a cool mist.

The ultrasonic diffusion feature safeguards the integrity of the essential oils’ beneficial molecular structure and allows for better absorption into respiratory system and body.

Skypipe? works with a whole range of Black Chicken Remedies essential oil blends to create the perfect atmosphere and give you the benefits you need.

Maybe it’s relaxation and tranquil sleep? Or clear airways and a big boost to your immune system? How about fighting lethargy and lifting those energy levels? Or raising your meditation practice to another plane.

Need help to relieve stress and anxiety? And who couldn’t use some improvement to mental clarity and concentration? You’ll soon see how choosing the air you breathe at home and at work really can be life changing.

Skypipe?’s ceramic ultrasonic system gives you 3-7 hours of cool mist diffusion allowing inhalation that’s gentle on your eyes and sinuses but powerful on body and mind.

Because Skypipe? doesn’t heat the delicate, volatile essential oils, they don’t break down.

With every breath, they enter the body through the olfactory system, releasing goodness.

You get all the remedial benefits and all the potency simply by breathing the air around you.

Olfactory Famarcy – Essential Oil Blend Collection Expert aromatherapeutic oil blends can powerfully affect the wellbeing and health of our bodies as well as our minds.

Developing awareness of the scents released by these complex blends increases sensitivity and multiplies the benefits.

Each Essential Oil Blend in our Olfactory Farmacy Essential Oil Collection focuses on a different area of wellbeing.

These Essential Oil Blends contain the natural power to help with any ailment from a cold, stress, anxiety, negative moods and sleeplessness.