Body Blendz Oily love Body Oil 100ml


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A luscious treat for your skin, this lotion is a necessity for every beautiful body. Everyone who needs sweet self-love will want to have some Oily Love every day. A rich blend of essential ingredients is guaranteed to prevent irritation and dryness by hydrating the skin. The after results include reduced visibility of wrinkles and lasting soft skin! Pair up Oily Love with any of our body scrubs to protect your brand new body so you can glow wherever you go! Body Blendz has created this fantastic body oil because we believe that every babe’s body deserves to stay extra soft & silky from day to night. This lavish blend includes coconut, macadamia, olive, jojoba and grapeseed oils, which are proven to improve overall skin quality while hydrating, nourishing, diminishing dryness, reducing wrinkles and easing irritation. Apply generously on your skin after using any of our coffee scrubs and get ready to glow from head to toe! Benefits Hydrates dry and flaky skin and cleanses excess dirt and oils Forms a protective barrier over your skin and hydrates and moisturizes dry and flaky skin to make it look and feel young Activates collagen, a skin protein that keeps out skin young and soft Moisturizes, removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores of any excess oil Protects your skin from sun damage, while also reduces the appearance of aging and skin impurities and blemishes