Bossman Colotion Royal Oud 118ml


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MORE EFFECTIVE THAN COLOGNE – Unlike your normal spray on cologne that typically uses alcohol-based fragrances, all of Colotion’s scents are fragrance-free and derived only from essential oils.

LONGER LASTING SCENT – With our alluring essential oil blends infusing with high quality moisturizing ingredients, the scent bonds to the skin and body hair outlasting any spray cologne.

HIGH-QUALITY MOISTURIZING INGREDIENTS – Our high-quality, active ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut oil, and other hydrating components, make your skin feel supple, saturated, and sexier than ever.

ROYAL OUD – This is for the man that demands presence when he enters the room.

Designed for a king, Royal Oud delivers smooth Cedarwood and Bergamot undertones that’s complimented perfectly with hints of lemon, clove, and pepper oils.

Smell like royalty, feel like a king with Bossman’s Royal Oud.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a generous amount to dry areas or body parts you want to smell like a BOSS! For a longer lasting scent and moisturizing results, use after shower on neck, chest, and arms.