Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream 60ml


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Hydrating cream with macro hyaluronic acid, Moringa Oil from certified fair-trade cultivations, and a blend of natural extracts to preserve a balanced skin hydration for a visibly smooth and bright effect.

The innovative “sorbet” texture immediately quenches the skin, bestowing a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Benefits Immediate long-lasting hydration.

Optimal cosmetic support for skin water diffusion.

Soft and smooth skin all day long.

Helps protect skin’s barrier.

Light sorbet texture.

Results +15.

7% Increase in hydration after 24 hours* – 17.

20% Topical decrease in transepidermal water loss after 1 hour How To Use Apply morning and evening to clean, dry skin after the serum has completely absorbed.

Massage to favour complete absorption.

Active Ingredients Macro hyaluronic acid Blend of natural extracts from apple, lentil and watermelon rind Fair-trade moringa oil 92% natural derived ingredients