David Mallett Shampoo No. 2 Le Volume 8ml


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In contrast to conventional shampoos, SHAMPOO No.

2 does not contain silicones or other substances that weigh hair down.

The main active ingredient in Shampoo No.

2 is the japanese Red Algae – Nori.

Itis rich in proteins, vitamins A, B and C and trace elements.

The unique formula of SHAMPOO No.

2 also includes particularly mild surfactants with a reduced soap content and no aggressive chemicals.

As a result, it is also ideal for use on sensitive or allergic scalps.

With its subtle scent of green tea, SHAMPOO No.

2 invigorates and refreshes the senses.

Your hair feels light again and exudes vitality – the best conditions for limitless styling.


2 to wet hair, gently massaging the scalp.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

After washing with SHAMPOO No.

2, hair can be dried with a towel, thoroughly massaging the roots to ensure optimal aeration from below.

This makes hair much easier to blow-dry and gives better results.

Tips: More e ective on short hair, shoulder-length.

Favour thin, short or highlighted hair.

Removes static electricity.