Dior J’adore Eau De Parfum 50ml

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J’adore Eau de Parfum is an invented bouquet, finely crafted down to the last detail, like a custom-made flower.

Essence of Ylang-Ylang from the Comoros unfurls its floral-fruity notes and instills a soft exotic touch.

Damascus Rose, sophisticated and exuberant, then comes to warm the senses.

Last but not least, a duo of Jasmines echo one another in a perfect embrace.

Jasmine Grandiflorum from Grasse, the quintessence of a noble floral, exudes its delicate sensuality, tinged with fruit and sun to lend it a jammy character.

It works in harmony with the more carnal quality of Indian Jasmine Sambac, “flower of the gods”, with its warm facets of incredibly sensual and enveloping orange blossom.

Top note YLANG-YLANG ESSENCE FROM THE COMORO ISLANDS Grown in the Comoro Islands, fresh Ylang-Ylang blossoms are steam-distilled to obtain an essence used in perfumery for the composition of numerous fragrances.

Ylang-Ylang blends well with the various floral notes and lends elegance, volume and originality to the composition.

It unfurls its emotion-filled bouquet in the top note of J’adore.

Heart note DAMASCENA ROSE ESSENCE Native to Turkey and Bulgaria, the Damascus Rose is used as an essence or an absolute.

A key ingredient in the perfumer’s palette, it finds full expression in the heart note of J’adore.

Base note SAMBAC JASMINE ABSOLUTE A symbol of feminine softness, Jasmine is one of the flowers used the most in perfumery.

Its delicate scent can be a fragrance all on its own.