DS Laboratories Oligo.DX Cellulite Reducing Gel 150ml

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DX? penetrates and dissolves cellulite nodules and focalized fat.

It has a cleansing and detoxifying effect that improves the overall quality of the skin without the need for expensive treatments.

Week after week, skin texture improves and your skin becomes smoother and tighter.

Dissolve Cellulite Oligo DX? doesn’t just hide cellulite – it dissolves the cellulite nodules and localized fat completely.

This simple, easy-to-apply formula doesn’t require painful massages and is precisely what you need for more beautiful skin.

For Intensive Use Designed for use on skin with cellulite tendency that does not respond to diet and exercise, Oligo.

DX? drives rapid results.

Apply the formula to the affected area once daily.

For visible results, continue the treatment for 60 days.

How to Use (INTENSIVE): Apply Oligo.

DX? on the desired area once a day after bathing.

A massage is not necessary.

For visible results continue the treatment for 60 days.

( PREVENTIVE): Use this product once a day, for a 30 day period, two to three times a year.

Avoid the simultaneous use of hydrating soaps or creams.

These products could interfere with the absorption.