Echosline Styling Liss Styler Smoothing Fluid 225ml


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In those rare days, when you finally manage to straighten your frizzy and unruly hair, it surely will start to rain, or heavy winds will start to blow.

Naturally, all your effort to achieve perfectly straight hair, will have gone to waste.

Nothing can stand against the nature.

Or can it? In order to straighten out your hair and enjoy the results, no matter what the weather is like or humidity levels, experts from EchosLine have come up with Styling Liss Styler smoothing fluid.

This styling product will give you exactly the hair you have dreamed of, but at the same time it will also protect your hair form negative environmental factors and aggressive temperatures during the styling.

Brilliant and silky hair that will amaze with their shine and smoothness is just a couple steps away! Application: Apply the fluid onto slightly dried hair, spread with a comb and then dry with a hair dryer.