eShave Pre Shave Oil – Orange Sandalwood 59ml


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eShave Paraben Free Pre Shave Oil is re-known around the world as an effective lightweight oil and is the first step to efficiently prepare skin for shaving.

This well-balanced formula will never feel sticky and won’t clog your razor.

> Protects skin by creating a layer of oil over the skin > Coats and softens hair to allow the razor to glide easily > Relieves shaving irritation by avoiding direct contact between the skin and the blade > Eliminates dryness by moisturizing while preparing skin for shaving How To Use > Apply 2 drops of Pre Shave Oil on wet face and neck > Massage gently to create a layer of protection over the skin Shaving Tip : Apply with the hand you do not shave with.

This will prevent the razor from slipping out of your hand while you shave.

More Uses Can be used as: > a beard and skin moisturizer to hydrate the skin and relieve dryness irritation as well as soften the hair for a more polished look > a bump relief, after shaving to help prevent bumps and ingrown hair; just rub to affected areas and make penetrate > an after waxing relief to calm redness, inflammation and skin irritation