eShave Shaving Cream – Almond 118ml


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The Shaving Cream Orange Sandalwood generates a rich and foamy lather for a close and comfortable shave free of razor burn and ingrown hair.

It also protects the skin, coats the hair and allows the razor to glide easily.

eShave Shaving Cream Orange Sandalwood is Paraben Free, Sulfate Free and Vegan.

It contains NO SLS, NO SLES and NO synthetic colours.

Our Shaving Cream is made with glycerin and coconut oil to leave the skin smooth and moisturized after shaving.

> Opens pores, softens hair and protects the skin > Generates a rich, creamy and warm lather > Eliminates shaving irritation and razor burn A 4 oz jar will last you many months.

It is cheaper and more efficient than foam or gel, and it will give you the closest shave EVER, pain-free, no kidding! How To Use > Apply only a dab of eShave Shaving Cream on your face using Badger Hair Shaving Brush or your fingers > As you lather up the cream, it raises the hair away from the skin and softens it to prepare for a closer shave > Use warm water for best results > To generate more lather, just add more water Shaving Tip: You need a tiny small amount of Shaving Cream to generate a super-rich fluffy lather when using a Shaving Brush.

And the more hot water you use the richer the lather.