fave4 Let’s Go Light Conditioner 250ml


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Favourite For: Lightweight Shine Replenish with weightless restoration and give hair more bounce to the ounce.

The fave4 Let’s Go Light Conditioner will leave hair with a healthy shine, softness and offers effortless split-end sealing and humidity control.

Fave4 Lets Go light feeds hair with a rich blend of Lavender, Green Tea, Sugar Cane, Lemon and Orange Fruit, Sugar Maple, Bilberry Extracts and Sunflower Seed Oil to promote hair health and protection.

Features: Featherweight smoothing Softening and healthy shine Effortless split-end sealing and humidity control Maui Lime fragrance Colour Safe & free of Gluten, Parabens, Sulphates Formulated without any added Sodium Chlorides Safe for all hair types Cruelty free