H2D Linear 11 Gloss Black Black Hair Straightener


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H2D LINEAR II PRO ONE PASS STRAIGHTENING IRON is a professional hair straightener loaded with new features designed with the busy professional hairdresser in mind without compromising quality and creativity.

Key Features: Adjustable temperature control ( 0 – 230 Degrees) Dual Voltage Sleep Mode Infrared Technology – A strip of powerful infrared lights allow infrared heat to penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair shaft.

This softens and relaxes each strand of hair.

Tourmaline plates – Usually found in semi-precious gemstones, tourmaline is the upgrade from ceramic plates.

The 25mm wide polished tourmaline-infused surface results in an incredibly smooth stroke and releases negatively charged ion particles which seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and provide that silky ‘just conditioned’ feel.

Ionic generator – H2D hair straighteners contain an ionic generator to provide millions more negative ions than straighteners with tourmaline plates alone.

This makes hair even softer and smoother.

Unique swivel cord – provides more mobility than a standard cord, you can straighten your hair from any angle.