MenScience Buff Body Gloves


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Innovative micromesh gloves remove impurities and buildup from pores and exfoliate skin.

Use with Daily Body Wash to leave skin clean, smooth and renewed.

Made of micromesh material, these gloves are gentle enough to use daily to lightly exfoliate and slough off dull build up.

Micromesh material is also more hygienic as they allow for gloves to completely and quickly dry between uses minimizing bacteria growth.

Directions for use: Wet body and gloves with lukewarm water.

Add a small amount of cleanser to gloves and lather up.

Gently massage with circular motions over entire body.

Rinse body and gloves well.

Dry gloves in a ventilated area.

Additonal tips: Use Body Buff Gloves in combination with Daily Body Wash: its biological exfoliants (Glycolic and Salicylic Acids) will help loosen debris, making them easier to remove with the gloves.

Regular exfoliation of your entire body will significantly improve your overall skin’s appearance and tone, allowing it to look smoother, younger and renewed