MenScience Microfine Face Scrub 130ml


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Visibly revitalize your face in less than one minute by gently removing dull buildup to reveal a smoother, renewed complexion.

Try it and you will be impressed with the results.

An ideal way to prepare your face before shaving.

Unique formula contains three shapes of microfine buffing beads and glycolic acid.

Ideal for all skin types The scrub contains the perfect combination of chemical and physical exfoliating agents.

Three types of Microfine particles visibly polish the skin while the glycolic acid and salicylic acid clean pores and skin.

Directions for use: Thoroughly wet face and neck with lukewarm water.

Apply a small amount (about 1 teaspoon) with hands to face and neck area.

Massage in a light circular motion for 1-2 minutes.

Avoid eye and mouth areas.

Allow Scrub to sit on face for an additional 1-2 minutes if you desire additional cleansing.

Rinse well.

Repeat 3-4 times a week.

Additonal tips: If you are not used to Microfine Face Scrub or have sensitive skin, reduce the amount, frequency, and time of application of product until your skin becomes accustomed to regular exfoliation.

Leaving Microfine Face Scrub for men on face and neck for a couple of additional minutes after massaging into skin allows the ingredients to fully cleanse the skin.

Once the time is up, rub the Scrub in a bit more before rinsing away.