MenScience Pigmentation Repair Formula 59ml


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Significantly reduces the appearance of age spots, discolorations and dark blemishes.

Unique formula helps smooth darkened areas, while balancing and brightening skin tone with the most effective professional-grade ingredients including retinol, kojic acid, vitamin C and glycolic acid.

The Pigmentation Repair is a professional-grade formula containing three of the most effective skin-brightening ingredients: Retinol 1%, Kojic Acid, and Vitamin C.

The use of Glycolic Acid in this formulation is unique and helps smooth darkened areas.

Directions for use: Cleanse and dry skin.

Apply a small amount to affected areas only twice a day or as directed by a doctor.

Regularly use SPF30 sunscreen to prevent re-darkening areas due to exposure to the sun.

Additonal tips: Further improve skin tone and coloration by regularly exfoliating skin.

Gentle exfoliation with the Microfine Face Scrub will help shed the darkened, superficial cells and expose new undamaged cells.