Mirenesse Thermal Wrap ‘n’ Repair Mask


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A self heating serum mask in a convenient to use foil hair cap for rapid hair repairing and extreme hair restoration. Dramatically improves elasticity, shine and moisture just like a salon treatment in shower. Ideal for all hair types, especially dry, damaged, over worked, frizzy and dull hair needing tender care. Smooths, thickens and eliminates tangles making it easier to have more beautiful hair and to maintain any hair styling longer. The ultimate remedy for perfect hair to maintain its elasticity, density and shine. Just like warm oil and serum treatments in hair salons. The cap heats up automatically, enhancing absorption and deeply infusing hair with ceramides, oils, and moisturizing damaged hair while also stimulating hair growth and fighting hair loss with regular use. Home Spa Foil Hair Mask Instant Hair Repair & Hydration Formula Stimulates Hair Growth Frizz Free Faster Styling Smoother, Glossier Hair How to use 1. Shampoo hair. Squeeze out all excess water dry slightly. 2. Put on the cap – adjust the tape fastener. 3. Massage hair gently to absorb the rich ingredients. 4. Leave on for 5 to 20 minutes – then remove and rinse hair. 5. Use 1 to 2 times per week for optimum hair health.