Muhle R108 Safety Razor Closed Comb


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TRADITIONAL – Safety razor from M?HLE, closed comb, handle material high-grade resin tortoiseshell Safety razor – classic blade Handles made of high-grade resin with chrome-plated metal highlights sustainable and plastic free – best alternative to disposable and cartridge razors, zero-waste product comes completely without plastic, applies for the box as well The Material – High-grade resin High-grade resin is a high-quality synthetic material, the surface of which is processed and refined separately.

The material is ideal for exclusive accessories and writing implements because it facilitates a broad spectrum of modern and classical designs in many attractive colours.

To begin with, the aesthetic basic shapes for brush and razor handles are turned out of solid rods.

Then each individual work piece is polished in several passes to give the surface its special gleam.

This processing method lends the models a pleasant feel and secures their beauty for many years to come.

Without chrome the world would forfeit a lot of its lustre.

In the finish used for our wet shaving accessories it demonstrates its best qualities: The material is corrosion-resistant, very long-lasting and has a luxurious, alluring lustre.

When contrasted with this, the colours and shapes of other premium materials are shown to their very best advantage.

The Razorhead – Classic blade For generations, the safety razor has been regarded as a stylish classic which can even shave edges with precision.

For many, it is the razor par excellence.

Its styling is ideally suited to the design of the M?HLE products.

Even if the open blade does demand a little respect at first: After a brief familiarisation period, and guided by a steady hand, it produces a very close shave and a lasting result.

Unlike modern blade systems, the head of the safety razor does not move.

The blades are replaced by unscrewing the cap.

Measures Dimension: 41 mm x 94 mm Weight: 64g How to use: Shaving with a safety razor requires a little practice.

The skin also needs some time to grow accustomed to the shave.

Getting started will be easier if you follow these instructions: Moisten the beard area, preferably with warm water, and lather it thoroughly with a brush.

The longer you lather the beard, the more easily and gently the hairs can be cut.

If possible, use a highly effective moisturising shaving cream or soap as this will allow the blade to slide over the skin more easily.

Make sure that the shaving head and handle are firmly attached to each other, but only tighten the screw to the extent that it can be unscrewed without too much effort.

This ensures that the blade rests at the correct angle.

Now begin with the shave.

Hold the safety razor at an obtuse angle (approx.

30?) to the skin.

Start with the cheeks and allow the razor to slide over the skin, applying gentle pressure.

Always shave in the direction of the beard growth (with the grain).

When shaving the neck, stretch the skin tight with your free hand.

Do not be discouraged by small cuts or grazes.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the razor, they will rarely occur.