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HEXAGON – Shaving set designed by Mark Braun, Silvertip Fibre?, safety razor, handles anodised aluminum, bronze 3-part shaving set designed by Mark Braun, handles made of anodised aluminum, colour bronze: Shaving brush with Silvertip Fibre?, replaceable head Ring size M: 21 mm Safety razor, compatible with classic razor blades Stand made of metal, chrome-plated HEXAGON shaving brush Six corners – symmetrical beauty: The HEXAGON brush sits perfectly in any hand, regardless of whether it is slightly larger or smaller or more elegant.

This is due to its hexagonal form; a semiotic which evokes a classic tool, or simply put, a good pencil.

HEXAGON safety razor Ergonomic and casually elegant, like a good pen: The HEXAGON safety razors are outstanding contemporary shaving implements.

Elaborately chrome-plated components – a material, for which the company is known worldwide – create a contrast to the matt finish of each product.

The Brushhead – Silvertip Fibre? The high-quality synthetic fibres represent a world first of our own invention.

We offer a synthetically produced premium quality whose material characteristics are analogous to those of the precious natural hair, silvertip badger.

The majority of the users even say that this quality actually provides better performance characteristics than the natural hair.

‘Silvertip Fibre?’ is very soft at its fine tips, but somewhat more stable than natural hair in the middle section.

These characteristics produce a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin when the lather is applied, without having to forgo the desired firmness of the hairs in the lathering process.

In daily use, the manually processed fibres are less sensitive than natural hair as they dry more quickly and are resistant to shaving soaps and creams.

The completely vegan fibres are also somewhat easier to use than natural hair as they produce a particularly creamy and thick lather from a small amount of shaving soap or cream, which is used much more sparingly as a result.

The Razorhead – Classic razor blade For generations, the safety razor has been regarded as a stylish classic which can even shave edges with precision.

For many, it is the razor par excellence.

Its styling is ideally suited to the design of the Muhle products.

Even if the open blade does demand a little respect at first: After a brief familiarisation period, and guided by a steady hand, it produces a very close shave and a lasting result.

Unlike modern blade systems, the head of the safety razor does not move.

The blades are replaced by unscrewing the cap.