O3 Solar Styling Pomade 100g


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The perfect marriage of ingredients formulated in the Solar Styling Pomade delivers a styling product that has both qualities of style and substance.

This pomade is designed with a high amount of richness in shine while also providing many hair care benefits to withstand the dry and humid environment.

It is suitable for medium to long length hair to achieve a wet and sleek look to help construct the perfect pompadour or any elegant style alike.

Solar is infused with a splash of aquatic scent from the aloe vera plant that will bring to mind a cool breeze from a summer’s day.

Features Extra high shine finish The traditional oil-based formula allows for hair to be restyled throughout the day Aloe vera fragrance Oil-based Cruelty-free How To Use Apply the desired amount to palms and emulsify thoroughly until the consistency becomes smooth.

Style as desired on slightly damp hair for an extra high shine look or towel-dried hair for a moderately high shine look.

Tip: For optimum coverage, ensure hands are fully covered in the product and evenly glide your fingers from roots to end of hair for every stroke.

Then go over once again with more products to set the desired style in place.

The more wetter the hair is before application, the higher the shine.

Finish off with either a wide-tooth comb to achieve wider separations to the hair or use a thin comb to create a heavy tighter hold and sleek finish.

Note: The benefit of this oil-based pomade is that some of it will remain in the hair even after one wash, resulting in less use of the product the following day.

Some prefer this second day look as the hair sits in style naturally and feels like it has no product in it at all.

Oil-based products generally tend to be harder to wash off so it is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo to optimally remove product build-up.