Ardell LashTite Clear Adhesive


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Ardell LashTite Adhesive Clear or Dark tone is specifically for use with Ardell DuraLash or Andrea Permalash individual lashes.

It provides weeks of semi-permanent secure, worry-free holding power.

This adhesive is easy to apply and helps you fill in sparse spots or build a beautiful lash line with individual lashes.

Get beautiful lashes that are long-lasting with this gentle but strong lash adhesive.

New Blue or Black packaging now available.

Specially formulated and waterproof to hold lashes securely and comfortable day after day.

Ardell LashTite Adhesive is designed for use with DuraLash & PermaLash individual lashes.

This adhesive is specially formulated to ensure that Duralashes remain securely and comfortably attached, day after day for up to 6 weeks.

How To Use Pour 2-3 drops of Ardell LashTite Adhesive onto a small piece of foil.

Keep bottle tightly capped to prevent spilling and to keep the adhesive from drying out.

Remove a DuraLash or Permalash from the tray by gently grasping it with tweezers near the knotted end.

Dip knotted end of DuraLash into LashTite Adhesive.

Do not fully coat the lash with adhesive.

More adhesive does not mean better adhesion.

Starting at the outer corner of your eye, place a DuraLash on top of your natural lash with knotted end as close to your eyelid as possible without touching it.

Gradually apply DuraLashes, working towards the inner corner of your eye.

Please Note: LashTite Adhesive will not stick to natural lashes that have been cleaned with an oil based make-up remover.

As with all lash adhesives, make sure to avoid using make-up removers and face wash containing oil (oil based) Ingredients Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate, Nitrocellulose, SD Alcohol 40-B, Iron Oxide.