Youngblood Lipstick – Bliss


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Youngblood Lipstick – Bliss Get gorgeous lips with Youngbloods colourful range of luxurious Lipsticks.

The hydrating, lanolin- free formula contains a special blend of natural oils and vitamins that fill lips with rich, velvety and colour that stays fresh-looking for hours.

Designed to apply smoothly with no dragging, these cruelty-free Lipsticks contain no animal products such as lanolin and are free from perfumes and chemical dyes.

Application Tips Liner and Lipstick: With a lip pencil, line your lips using small strokes from the outer corners, avoiding a hard line.

Apply lipstick to the entire lip area.

For longer-lasting colour, prime lips with compact, apply the liner to the entire lip, and then apply lipstick using a clean lip brush.

Final touch: Add lip shine to the center of your lips using a Travel Lip Brush.

Then with a Lip/Eye Brush, apply and blend concealer around the edges of the lips to give the appearance of a fuller lip.