Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge


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Rock runway-ready skin with Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge.

This double-ended shaped sponge allows for easy, quick application with a larger end and a mor e precise end, making it easy to customise your look and deposit coverage in just the right areas while providing a handy grip in the centre for ease of use.

Say goodbye to streaks and uneven application- the soft, silky surface of this sponge diffuses and blends makeup with no harsh lines, creating a stunning, natural-looking finish to whatever step you’re applying.

This multi-use sponge can be used for foundation, cream blush, bronzer, contour, highlight, and concealer, simplifying your routine and delivering professional results.

Smooth and perfect your look with Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge/ Key Benefits: Versatile sponge can blend any cream or liquid product flawlessly.

Smooth sponge surface minimises lines and streaks, buffing product out into a flawless, even finish.

Unique size and design provide precise and broad blending capabilities depending on the area of the sponge used, making this sponge useful for blending precise and broad areas.

The easy-to-use sponge is built with a convenient central grip that fits perfectly in the hands for precise, perfect blending every time.

Key Ingredients : This sponge is latex-free, minimising the likelihood of reactions due to latex allergies.

100% synthetic sponge.

How To Use: Utilise wider edges for blending larger areas of the face, such as forehead and cheeks.

Use mor e precise tip to blend smaller areas, like under eyes and nose.