OMG Platinum Green Facial Mask Kit


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Put your fashionable face forward with the OMG! Platinum Collection.

This trendy collection of kits was developed to fuse skincare as fashion into one.

Each mask duo features smooth and colorful peel off formulas to revive your complexion with cutting edge ingredients and a serum pad to remove any mask residue and moisturize the skin.

Stay ahead of the skincare trends and let OMG! be your go-to for skincare style.

Step 1- DETOX BUBBLING MASK Detox and cleanse the skin with unique small bubbles that gently remove dead skin and any other buildup for a glowing complexion.

HOW TO USE Apply mask on skin with or without makeup.

Leave mask for 1-3 minutes to allow the formula to bubble on the skin.

Rinse off with water and pat dry.

Step 2- PEEL OFF MASK Fast-forward to flawless skin with a unique and colorful peel off mask! This gentle gel formula helps eliminate impurities and enhances your complexion.

HOW TO USE Peel Off Mask Apply a thin, even layer of the mask all over the face.

Let the formula sit on the skin for 20-30 minutes to dry completely and Peel off.

Recommended to use with OMG! Standing Mask Brush.

Step 3 – SERUM PAD Remove any mask residue using this specially-designed pad infused with a moisturizing serum for a smoother finish.

HOW TO USE Gently glide pad allover the face to remove any leftover residue from masks and to moisturize the skin