Bondi Sands GLO Shimmer One Day Tan 100ml


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Instant wash off flawless tan for face & body.

Get a luminous glow in an instant with Bondi Sands Shimmer One Day Tan.

Light reflecting particles highlight the skin, giving you a glistening bronze finish.

Transfer and water resistant, this shimmering formula is perfect for face and body and easily washes off with soap and warm water.

Step 1 Shake well.

Apply small amount of Shimmer One Day Tan directly onto the skin.

Step 2 Spread evenly with hands or an Application Mitt.

Reapply Shimmer One Day Tan as required.

Now would be great time to take a photo and post to Instagram #bondisands.

Step 3 Wash hands after application and remove from skin using a cloth with warm water and soap.