Color WOW Dream Coat For Spray Curly Hair 200ml


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Meet the “curl whisperer”! Breakthrough, light-as-water spray air-dries to deliver the silky, glossy, perfectly defined, “crunch-free” curls of your dreams! Finally! A “one and done” styling solution for most waves, classic curls and spirals.

Delivers all the combined benefits of out-dated gels, serums and heavy creams but feels like nothing is on your hair! Super-light “miracle moisture mist” technology is ALCOHOL FREE Features proprietary Elasta-flex, a trifecta of powerful polymers that address every challenge that stands in the way of curl perfection! Perfectly bundled, hydrated curls with supernaturally glossy shine “YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT” TECHNOLOGY! Dream Coat for Curly Hair is totally new styling technology for curly hair.

The super light alcohol-free formula combines three powerful polymers into one powerhouse tri-polymer complex, Elasta-flex, to solve every frustrating problem related to curls.

For the first time, the perfect ratio of these polymers ensures silky, hydrated, bouncy, glossy curls.

without weight or stiffness: Polymer #1 moisturizes, conditions and de-frizzes Polymer #2 restores bouncy spring and elasticity Polymer #3 ensures flexible, non-brittle all day endurance + high-gloss shine