Keracolor Color Clenditioner Colour Shampoo Light Pink 355ml


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Cleanse, Condition and Colour Keracolor Color Clenditioner Colour Shampoo in Light Pink deposits direct dye with every wash, leaving hair clean, soft, shiny and full of lush colour.

Add a boost of colour to your client’s hair at the basin as you shampoo and condition! Clients with brightly coloured hair can use Keracolor Color Clenditioner at home to maintain their colour vibrancy.

Pigment can last up to 10-15 washes, depending on porosity and pre-lightened level.

Features: Deposits direct dye pigment colour for a boost of Light Pink with every wash For true, bright colour apply to pre-lightened hair Maintains colour to prevent fading We recommend wearing gloves when using to prevent staining of hands Not tested on animals Made in the USA Size: 355ml