Milkshake Lifestyling Let It Shine 200ml


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Say hello to Milkshake Let It Shine: the latest addition to Lifestyling is a softening, glossing spray.

This super fine mist will have your hair soft, shiny and glistening without weighing it down.

The product does not give hold and is suitable for all hair types, it keeps static in check and has a thermo-protective action.

Milkshake Let It Shine contains the following ingredients: Quinoa Proteins to protect hair colour and prevent colour from fading.

These vital ingredients also increase manageability and give shine to the hair.

Integrity 41.

A patented formula that contains sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols, to protect from free radicals and stress factors that can damage the hair Organic Fruit Extracts for protective, invigorating, emollient and conditioning for the scalp Milk Proteins.

A supplementary action, protective and conditioning, giving strength and resistance to the hair fibre UV Filter protects from UV rays that dehydrate the hair and cause colour fading All of the active ingredients in the Lifestyling range have been selected for their targeted action and long-lasting effect on the hair.

How To Use: Spray evenly over damp hair, over lengths and ends or at the end of styling