Astroglide Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant – 74ml


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With the sweet and sexy flavour of strawberries, this is a great go to lube for anyone who needs to get on the job! Go with gusto with a small squirt, a delicate fragrance of strawberries will meet your senses making this a great addition for lovers of oral sex! Packaged for the Bedside Table, this is a great lube to keep handy in a small drawer. Fitting snugly in the hand, it is easy to flip the lid with one hand while your other hand is busy and slow tip a tiny delectable drop – right where you need it. The Tiniest Amount is All that is Needed for most session and is long lasting. It wont dry out or go tacky so you can be certain that any extended foreplay session will have you both excited and panting for more – rather than heading for the shower! As a Water-Based Product, the Astroglide Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant is a great choice for toy use and is safe to use with latex products such as condoms. Clean up is a breeze as it simply rinses away with a quick splash of water and wont stain your bedding! Love the taste of those sweet, sweet strawberries? This lube is going to become a firm favourite for you and your partners licking and sucking pleasure! Yum! Flavoured and fragranced with Strawberries Ultra cute petite packaging A small amount goes a long way Non-tacky and long lasting Water-based and soluble – toy friendly