Clone-a-Willy – Plus Balls Kit (Flesh)


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When you’re lusting after your man’s perfect poker there’s only one other piece that can truly satisfy, and that’s an exact copy of him! These Clone-A-Willy kits allow you and your partner to create a perfect VIBRATING replica of his of erection, using hygienic and long lasting materials so that you can enjoy your new toy over and over. This latest kit from Clone-A-Willy allows for creative couples to make an exact clone of both the penis and the balls, for that extra realistic look. Easy Steps – the Clone-A-Willy kit is so popular because it’s simple. Each kit comes with everything you need and also the handy instructions, walking you through the molding and pouring process. Simply put, you make a copy of your penis and balls using the molding powder provided in the molding tube, then you pour in your silicone mix and insert the included vibrating bullet to completely fill the mold. Let it set, then you’re all done! A cloned willy will emerge. Please note, these kits are made to suit most penis sizes – however if you’re particularly well endowed (9 inches and larger) you will need extra silicone to successfully fill your mold. Vibrating Pleasure – your new toy is extra fun because it comes with some extra buzz! Included in the set is a wired bullet vibe to insert into your toy during the pouring steps. Once set, you can use the connected remote to turn up the vibrating pleasure. Materials – Clone-A-Willy provides completely phthalate free and latex free silicone in every kit. This silicone mix is hypoallergenic, hygienic and long lasting, making it one of the best materials available for sex toys. Keep it in perfect condition by using silicone friendly lubes, such as one or the many popular water-based varieties available here. Quirky Gift – these kits make great gifts for couples who are looking for new ways to explore each other in the bedroom, or for those who have to spend stints apart, they’re also a hilarious and functional gift for brides-to-be!This is the king of clone kits, capturing not just a lifelike and fully useable version of your man’s rock-hard rod but also a copy of his balls! These kits make a fantastic present and a cheeky activity for any couple. New Flesh Coloured Kit – With Balls! 100% Platinum Cured, Medical Grade Silicone All Equipment Included in Kit Remote Controlled Vibrator Included Made in the USA