Colourful Camo – Lana Kegel Balls (Blue)


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What better way to get your pelvic floor muscles in top shape than with the Colourful Camo – Lana Kegel Balls. Lana Kegel Balls are a total of 8cm in lenght and there are 2 balls in total each being 3cm in width and length. They have a slight weight in them that is suitable for any muscle level from beginner to advanced. Silicone Material is smooth for where you need it most and easy to clean. Use water based lube with silicone toys. Colourful Camo – Lana Kegel Balls have the wonderful different style that only the Camo range can give you and a pleasant weight for your pelvic floor muscles to get strong. Lana Kegel Balls Silicone Material