Dr Joel Anal Dilator Kit


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Dr Joel Kaplan is renowned with his official pump systems to increase the size of men’s penises and men’s sexual health. He also endorses many anal toys for men that will provide exciting and stimulating pleasure. The Butt Plugs are made from firm yet pliable PVC, they are smooth to the touch for extreme comfort and have a tapered end for ease of insertion. Tapered ends means that start of smaller and increase in size. 3 Sizes in the kit to get you started. Start with the small butt plug and slowly work your way to the large butt plug. Then when you are ready you can look at more anal toys and add to your collection and your pleasure. Small – 8cm insertable with the tapered end starting at 1cm up to 2.5cm Medium – 9.5cm insertable with the tapered end starting at 2cm up to 3cm Large – 11cm insertable with the tapered end starting at 2.5cm up to 5cm Flared Base to make sure that the butt plug doesn’t go any further than what it is supposed to, a good safety fact with anal play. With any anal play it is highly recommended to use lube to make the experience extremely pleasurable. If you are new to anal sex or if you have had a little bit of experience you should check out our blog on anal sex. Dr Joel Anal Dilator Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to train for some anal fun. Butt Plugs 3 Sizes Flared Base