Femplay Antibacterial Toy Cleaner – 125ml


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Femplay Antibacterial Toy Cleaner is a spray pump cleaner for your non-latex toys. Containing pure essential eucalyptus oil, it is naturally antibacterial and is slightly scented giving a clean smell to your toys. This ensures that your toys are kept in a clean and healthy state ready for your next use. This toy cleaner comes in a handy spray pump, which is easy to store with your toys for quick use during clean up. It is recommended that when cleaning your toys, carefully check for any breakages and tears, remove batteries and then clean and store in a suitable area. To use, spray liberal amounts of toy cleaner onto your toy, rinse with water and let dry. Voila! A clean and ready to use toy. Made in AustraliaThese days of health consciousness, not only is it important to look after your health but also live in a clean state to avoid getting sick. Bearing that in mind, Femplay Antibacterial Toy Cleaner will look after all your toy cleanliness needs so that your toy is in prime clean condition so you can continue to love it time and time again. Toys these days can be complicated and have little nooks and spaces, which may be missed if hurriedly cleaned. To avoid that, use some this cleaner so that no nasty bugs begin to grow on your toy rendering it smelly, unsafe and unusable. A clean toy is a happy toy; so grab some Femplay Antibacterial Toy Cleaner with your next purchase!