Fetish Fantasy – Japanese Silk Rope 10m (Red)


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This Long Stylish Rope is a Good Length and Width. Measuring 10 metres (35 feet and ¼ inch thick). Whether you are new to bondage and want to tie each other up in bed or use it as a harness with Doggie style the choice is yours. If you are really keen you could learn the practice of Japanese Rope Bondage: Shibari! This rope is long enough for the beginner to intermediate player. Impress your lover with your knowledge of knots and bondage and of another culture. This Japanese Silk Rope is Soft on the skin and will hold your lover without causing friction or marks. This will allow you to go from the bedroom to work without anybody else being the wiser…your secret is safe. This Strong Rope will provide the ultimate bondage fantasy. They will not be able to get out of the ties, which adds to the adventure. Of course trust is important with this type of sex play and having a code word in case things are taken too far is a good idea. This Attractive Looking Rope comes in a Variety of Colours for those who like a choice or want to combine ropes for that extra special session. Bondage is all about the unknown and not knowing what your partner will do next. The included blindfold adds to this mystery and excitement.Spice up your love life with this gorgeous Japanese Silk rope. This rope is versatile due to its length and dependant on how you want to play; the choice is yours. Whether you are new to bondage or an experienced old timer, this rope will suit your needs. Go from naughty bondage play with your lover to the office with a twinkle in your eye. Telling your boss that you will be late as you are tied up at home will be a cheeky joke you can share with your partner. Strong, long, and soft on your skin this rope is everything you need if you want to add a new adventure to your love life. Versatile length of 10 metres Silk rope is soft on your skin Strong Visually attractive