Fetish Fantasy – Spandex Open-Mouth Hood


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The open-mouth hood covers your captive’s entire head to create an intensely arousing scene. Your love slave will be effectively de-personalised and subdued, awaiting your next command. This Stretchy Spandex Hood is Quick and Easy to Use. Simply pull over your captive’s head, as gently or as roughly as you desire. You can expect a snug but comfortable fit for both male and female partners. The hood is secured by a stretchy cuff around the neck for added appeal. In Addition to its Fabulous Stretchability, Spandex is a Lightweight, Breathable and Smooth Material. Even when resting firmly against the eyes, ears and nose there is no unpleasant coarseness or chaffing. Your subject will be able to breath without difficulty and hear your every command. Your Subject’s Mouth is Exposed for your enjoyment. This can facilitate comfortable breathing and communication, if you allow it. You can use your subjects’ mouth as you will: for your oral pleasure or to hear them whimper and moan. If you prefer your subjects silent, simply combine the hood with a ball-gag (or similar) to extinguish their vocalisations. The Spandex Material Used for this Hood Also Allows a Hint of Light to reach your captive. With the lights on, your subject will have a veiled view of their surroundings. For subjects who find anticipation additionally stimulating this gives them a vague impression of movement around them and heightens their arousal. It is also useful if you enjoy parading your slave at parties. For subjects who are unnerved by total darkness, many feel that they are able to continue participating in submissive play while still experiencing a heightening of other senses and having the props to immerse themselves in the experience. If you are taking your captive out, have a look at our range of collars, restraints and other costuming for your event.A fantasy hood for submissive partners who prefer a little light in the darkness while still looking and feeling the part. Quick and easy fit: one size fits most Made from comfortable, breathable spandex Mouth access for added versatility Allows a hint of light while obscuring vision and heightening other senses