Good Head – Warming Head (3 Pack)


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Oral sex is fun, but why not make it even yummier with the Good Head – Warming Head Gel 3 Pack, why have normal oral sex when you can heat it up. Warming Head Oral Gel by the good people at Doc Johnson and Good Head comes these wonderful gels that provide a nice warming sensation for you and your lover. All you need is a little of the gel placed on either or both of your lovely sexy bits for the other to lick and suck and flix and f#ck. 3 Delightful Flavours (59ml each) with No Parabens or Sugar, so it must be good for you xo Strawberry Cotton Candy Watermelon Good Head – Warming Head is a 3 pack of Good Head Oral Delight and Enjoyment. Warming Head Oral Gel 3 Delightful Flavours