Jett Guybrator by Hot Octopuss


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What a uniquely different man toy is the Jett with Treble and Bass Technology, bringing your cock can balls to a whole new level of intimate and arousal enjoyment. Jett may look a little different to your usual man toys but that’s the whole point. To look and feel like something you haven’t experienced before and from the wonderful team at Hot Octopuss, the guys that introduced the Pulse masturbation sleeve. You wear and enjoy the Jett as its worn against the Frenulum (near the tip of the penis). Silicone Sleeve & Bullet let’s start with the bullets as you bound them together in their own little sleeves and this is where and how all the treble and bass will flow through your cock, balls and body. With the cock sleeve you slide your member up close and very personal and wrap him in nice and snug, providing you with the firmness from the sleeve as well as the bullets that are tucked up under. The silicone sleeve expands with you. this provides you the perfect fit and comfort at all times. Treble and Bass Technology is designed to provide high frequency waves and vibrations that eliminate all the way through your zones. It can take you from flaccid to hard in no time. Control Unit which is easy to use with + and – controls which allows you to take control of the levels of treble and bass required for the mood that you’re in. Only you can find that ideal frequency for your own enjoyment. Jett Guybrator by Hot Octopuss with Treble and Bass Technology is a little interesting with a creative and inspiring surprise for your cock and balls and the bits in-between. Jett Silicone Sleeve & Bullet Treble and Bass Technology Control Unit Silicone Material