Main Squeeze – Suction Cup Accessory


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Suction Cup Accessory is ideal for any time you want to get your thrust on. Give your hands a break from not only pulling but also from holding onto your sleeve. Get the suction cup and stick it to any flat surface and thrust away. On any wall including the shower or even the floor if you have the strength to pull that one of hats off to you. It’s easy to use and the suction will hold any of the girls for you and provide you with hands-free fun. You can move it around to get the right position for you with the swivel movement. The Main Squeeze – Suction Cup Accessory If you already have one of the Main Squeeze girls or if you are looking to purchase one today pick your favourite from Dani, Jessie or Sasha you might want to also look at getting the main squeeze suction cup accessory.