Mini Marvels – Silicone Marvelous Lover


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You have to love the fun and exciting Mini Marvels range with the colours, designs and the exciting styles like the Mervelous Lover Vibrator with its flexibility to move with you. Marvelous Lover Vibrator is a compact vibe that is designed for lots of easy to use play time. You can use it as a bullet vibe, slide it in and bend it and you can have a dual stimulating vibe against your clitoris. The full length is 17cm but as you can bend and move it around its up to you the final size is. Flexible Flexible Flexible have we told you that the Marvelous Lover is flexible! Bend it twist it move it around and find different and fun ways to use and please yourself with. 10 Playful Functions to select from with the easy to use controls. Press and hold for a couple of seconds and you’re ready to go. Press again to the desired level of vibrating pleasures you want. Waterproof and USB Rechargeable makes this toy a keeper. No batteries to worry about and fun in the tub is always a bonus with your new favourite sex toy. Mini Marvels – Silicone Marvelous Lover Vibrator is a flexible party vibe that will move you just like it can be moved. Marvelous Lover Vibrator Flexible Flexible Flexible 10 Playful Functions Waterproof and USB Rechargeable