Ouch! Teasing Wax Candles – 4pk


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Who would think that something as small and simple as Ouch! Teasing Wax Candles could turn a boring night into something so sensual that you are already tingling just thinking about it. Ouch! Teasing Wax Candles have been specially designed and created for couples to play with. You light the candle and slowly let the dripping candle onto your partners body. Feel the heat of the melted wax on your body and watch and feel how your body will react. It’s amazing! So simple yet so very affective introducting a new form of pleasure to your bodies. 4 Colours black, purple, blue and red to ignite up the bedroom fun. Ingredient parafin waxOuch! Teasing Wax Candles are a specially designed candle for couples who love to enjoy wax play. If you haven’t had a play yet, why not grab a colourful four pack and let the candle wax drip. Ouch! Teasing Wax Candles 4 Colours Ingredient Listed Below