PelvixConcept – Pelvic Floor Rehabilitator


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PelvixConcept is a product which is exclusively intended to stimulate the musculature of the pelvic floor. With a progressive training program you can strengthen your pelvic muscles considerably with the consequent benefits for your intimate health and sexuality. PelvixConcept has been designed after exhaustive research, in collaboration with gynaecologists, urologists, physiotherapists and midwives into the constitution of the pelvic floor muscles and the surrounding organs involved in the working of those muscles, such as the vagina, the urethra and the rectum. The PelvixConcept is entirely coated in high-quality silicone, which is biotolerable and very smooth to the touch. The special feature of the PelvixConcept is the movement of the weights inside it. This characteristic stimulates blood circulation, a major factor in muscle toning.If you are after a product to assist with strengthening your pelvic floor muscles then the PelvixConcept is the one for you. The PelvixConcept – Pelvic Floor Rehabilitator is an ideal product for those wanting to strengthen their pelvic muscles after it has been weakened from pregnancy, birth, menopause etc. This product is made from medical grade non-allergenic silicone material so it has a soft feel to it. The PelvixConcept comes with 3 different size balls that each have a different weight. 1 ball is then inserted inside the PelvixConcept before use. You start off with the smaller ball and gradually work your way up to the larger, heavier ball. This PelvixConcept is selling at an unbelievable price.