Pin the Macho on the Man – Party Game


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This is one game that will be a hit at the next bridal or hens night party! Based off the original Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, this one allows you to pin ‘tails’ on this very buff and sexy macho man. With a large fold out colour poster measuring 24” x 36”, this is certainly one large buff man – surely you couldn’t miss with putting his tail in the right spot…right? And speaking of the included ‘tails’ – there are a total of 25 hilariously illustrated bits for your giggly visual pleasure. 10 of these parts are plain, to allow for creative play and 15 have poems attached for each guest to read out for that extra laugh! For those that are creative in the group, throw them a curvy tail and get them to come up with a cute ditty on the spot. This game is a great icebreaker for those planning a bridal shower or hens night games to get the night going – have a good laugh with the ladies around you but taking turns to be blind folded and spun to make finding his right spot just that little harder – literally! With our super fast shipping, you can have this sent within 1-5 business days from your day of order. Make sure you check out our other great Hens Night ideas, games and novelties for easy planning.Let the hilarity unfold with this popular Hens night game! But don’t let that limit you – this is one game that can be used for birthdays, or a just for a chuckle between friends. Similar to the childhood pin the tail on the Donkey – this game will test your skill at knowing exactly where to put that ‘tail’. Features a large colour poster of your macho man 15 illustrated ‘tails’ or units with poems for each guest to read out 10 additional plain animated tails for those that want to be imaginative An excellent choice for that bridal shower or hens night game