Power Plus Triple Donut Cockring – 3 Pack


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So if you’re new you might not know what cock rings are for, so let’s start with the basics, just like the name. 3 x Cock Rings are designed to be slid onto the penis before it becomes hard and it alters the blood flow which in turns can provide a harder penis for longer which can lead to longer lengivity or it takes you longer to cum. Newbies beware, watch out for any hair in the area as getting your public hair stuck in a cock ring isn’t fun. The hard on you want can suddenly become the flaccid penis you don’t want and tears running down your face. Not many of us like our pubes pulled out whilst in the middle of a hot and heavy session. Next thing to remember is use a little water based lube, especially for the first few times. This helps sliding the cock ring onto your member with ease and comfort. You may find later after a bit of practice you don’t want or need the lube but that is up to you. The cock rings are stretchy so the small cock rings you see in this picture will fit you. They are meant to be stretch and slid onto your willy. If you find that you are uncomfortable at any time, take it off and try again later or another time. Keep your toys clean and safe. Have fun! Power Plus Triple Donut Cockring – 3 Pack The Power Plus range is suitable for all sex toy beginners, first timers, novice, experimentational or anyone really. 3 x Cock Rings