Screaming O 4B Bullet – Grape


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When it comes to adult toys we usually only get the one style of vibrations to select from, but with the new Screaming O 4 Bullet you get to select from either a cool new BASS or a funky TREBLE vibrations, it is time to be spolit for choice. 4 Bullet with Smooth Sexy Feel is a pocket rocket, a cutie, a sweetie but so much more with a delightful sexy feel to it and power to pounce. 4T = High Pitch – Treble which is designed to highly to tease and tantilse and really get the heart pumping. 4B = Low Pitch – Base providing a deep rumbling bass vibration, let that beat roll with you. 5 Speeds and 1 Pulse Pattern by the easy to use one button control on the bullet. Click and select the right one for the right mood. Waterproof because sometimes we want to play together in the water. Greener Packaging which is eco-friendly and compostable, great for the enviornment.Screaming O 4 Bullet the new and improved versions. Screaming O has designed something a little different and very exciting with their Screaming O 4 Bullet with Treble and Bass Vibrations with their bullets. They still come in their quality soft and silky bullet ready to go. O 4 Bullet with Smooth Sexy Feel 4T = High Pitch – Treble 4B = Low Pitch – Base 5 Speeds and 1 Pulse Pattern Waterproof Greener Packaging