Sextreme Steel – Dip Stick Ripped


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You don’t have to be a mechanic to want to check out this Sextreme Dip Stick Ripped urethra sound pin. Dip Stick Ribbed is a big one at 24cm with a diameter of .8cm so nice and long and a bit thicker than others. We do recommend that this one is for the advanced guy in sound play. The Dip Stick Ribbed has exactly that, ribs all the way along the steel stick except for the handle which is nice and smooth giving you plenty of room to hold it. So many ribs all the way down you’re going to feel each rib as you push it down your urethra. Stainless Steel medical grade of course for your quality and comfort. Lube up mate, but you already know this as you’re experienced in play.Sextreme Dip Stick Ripped is a urethra sound for only the experts and experienced guys into sound play. Dip Stick Ripped Stainless Steel