Sucker for You Finger Vibe by Evolved


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This is quite a unique and compact toy for your clitoral enjoyment in the Sucker for You by Evolved. Clitoral Suction & Vibrating Vibe you get both with the Sucker for You vibe. It has a cute little mouth that you place onto your desired arousal area like the clitoris and press the controls to let the sucker slowly or fast provide that suction action that we all love. But, it doesn’t stop there as it also has lots of vibrating functions to add to your pleasure. Finger Control is where this vibe brings in a unique design and concept. There is a specially designed area for you to slide your finger into so that you can have the exact control of where you are placing the Sucker Vibe. 5 Sucking & 8 Vibrating Functions all by the easy to use control buttons on the handle of the vibe. Bring your orgasms to reality with lots of different levels of pleasure. Smooth Silicone Material made from high quality and good for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. Rechargeable via USB charging cord which is included and will provide all the power you need in this little sucker vibe. Now for something a little different in the world of clitoral suction vibes. Here is the Sucker for You by Evolved, a unique design to provide you with all the control when enjoying the suction and vibrations of a cute little vibe. Clitoral Suction & Vibrating Vibe Finger Control 5 Sucking & 8 Vibrating Functions Smooth Silicone Material Rechargeable