The Kissing Rabbit by The Rabbit Company


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If you are like most woman and LOVE clitoral stimulation than you are going to fall deeply in lust with the Kissing Rabbit by The Rabbit Company. Rabbit Styled Vibrator by The Rabbit Company as with all their range they are made with style, sophistication and pleasure in mind. Rabbit vibes are one of the most favourite of sex toys amongst women as they provide pleasure both internally and externally. Kissing Rabbit is something a little different as it not only has the vibrating external stimulator but it has a wonderful clitoral suction function which with this wonderful new technology provides intense pleasure to our beautiful clits. Silicone Material which is seamless and pure sex, smooth silky and sexy. Rechargeable so that you never have to purchase batteries. Easy to use controls & 6 Functions all the controls are right at your hand on the handle of the Kissing Rabbit and they are super easy to use. Press on and play with all the wonder of the 6 functions including escalation, pulsation and vibrations. Something a little different in the rabbit vibrator range that is fun, stylish, quality and satisfying all in one.The Rabbit Company – The Kissing Rabbit Introducing a new rabbit that will really give your clit or the attention. Rabbit Styled Vibrator by The Rabbit Company Kissing Rabbit Silicone Material Rechargeable Easy to use controls & 6 Functions